Motorcycle Immortals: Accidents & Adventures

No one rides without understanding that there are considerable risks involved. The odds of getting into an accident at least once in a lifetime are not insignificant, and although not everyone will need to get the help of a motorcycle accident injury attorney Fort Lauderdale has, it does happen. The severity of most motorcycle accidents is rather high, because of the obvious lack of protection from the vehicle.

At the same time, the odds of getting into an auto accident are much higher, and bad accidents are more common. Putting it a little more grimly, it’s far more likely to die in a car wreck . It’s not that motorcyclists are better drivers, but simply that they have a lot more to lose. The low, left hand salute that bikers share is not a hidden code about gangs or police. On the contrary, it is a reminder to the other rider to keep the eyes open all the time.

Bikers like to remind each other that they see each other, and this is a reminder that one should always keep looking in all directions. At the same time, while this serves as a reminder of one’s own mortality, it’s also something else. The sights and smells of the open road are exciting, and do indeed offer a glimpse into something that’s very much the opposite of mortality, and this is what keeps people riding.

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