Investing in Condo Living

The most popular version of folks from New York, LA, Chicago or Leawood Kansas, living the American Dream may be to own a single family home, but for more and more people the rush of modern life makes condo living much more attractive. Busy professionals don not have time for all the upkeep and maintenance required by a traditional home. They want the convenience and luxury offered by living in a condo.

condoThe condo association is usually responsible for everything. This includes maintaining common facilities such as swimming pools, exercise rooms, and landscaping. It may include a doorman or front … Read the rest

Tire Pricing

It is easy to get confused when looking at tire prices. This is because in most cases shoppers are comparing different things, sometimes without realizing it. Buying four new tires and separate chrome wheels is not the same as purchasing a tire and wheel package from a different manufacturer.

Of all the elements that go into the pricing of tires, construction is the most important. Don’t compare the price of dual belted steel radials with tires that have a single belt. Cheaper tires will have a less durable construction while tires designed to offer high performance will be more expensive. … Read the rest