Chinese Banks on the Rise, Or Are They?

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China is known as one of the world’s greatest financial powers. They stand out as one of the few countries not struggling through this global recession, or are they? In an article on there is some speculation over whether the country is doing as well financially as they would like the rest of the world to believe. The Big Four banks in China have continued to seek out new sources of capital, even after a lending boom in 2009-2010. One of the biggest concerns that analysts have is that the government is one of the … Read the rest

Financial Aid Promised to Victims of Climate Change

Most countries have faced financial and economic setbacks in recent years, some worse than others. But unlike many of the countries, Asia and the Pacific has some additional burdens to bear. Storms, floods, drought, and other climate changes over the last couple years have caused damage and mass migration that is costing unknown sums of money and causing millions of people to become misplaced.

But there is hope. As part of the Green Climate Fund (GEF) and the International Organization of Migration (IOM) has plans to help fund almost 3,000 projects in 168 developing countries. All of the projects will … Read the rest