Formula 1 – German Prosecutors near decision on Bribery

While there is not any foul play going on in the Formula 1 world today—that the public knows of—a year ago it was a different story.  In June a German banking executive admitted to accepting around $44 million from Brian Ecclestone which centered around the 2005 sale of the racing franchise.

The story is, itself, somewhat interesting.  Ecclestone sold a majority of his stake of F1, which was valued around $3 billion, for an undisclosed sum.  Said German executive, Gerhard Gibkowsky, accepted the bribe to move the F1 share for below market value.  Ecclestone testified that he paid the $44 … Read the rest

There’s Still Money in Real Estate

Recent years have been a little shaky for the real estate market, but things are definitely picking up. The real estate market is experiencing a decided upturn across North America and investors as well as corporations are choosing to expand their real estate portfolios in order to enhance their financial standing. Investment properties can be rented out in the form of businesses or residences that can provide the investor with income on a regular basis, or sold for a profit in the future.

skyscrapersThere are many ways that both private and corporate investors can make money in today’s real estate … Read the rest

Business Valuation: What is It?

Business valuation is a means of determining the economic worth of a particular entity.  Before determining the value of a business, the reason for the valuation must be stated.  Most often the reasons range from sale of the business to dividing assets in divorce cases to setting employee stock options to mergers.  There are certainly other determining factors in initiating this process; the aforementioned gives you an idea of a few of the events creating the need.

This post will touch briefly on the variables considered in formulating a business valuation and business appraisal.  It will not go into the … Read the rest

Changing Job Market and Careers in Graphic Design

While the job market continues to be unstable, it can also be somewhat troubling for college students, and those about to enter college, to know that career fields are constantly changing. There are different elements that go into choosing your career and one of them is personal interest and areas of talent. Meanwhile, another very important and practical aspect of career choice relates to job placement possibilities as well as long term stability in the field.

Graphic design is one of a few fields that has always attracted many talented people. It has also drawn the interest of creative minded … Read the rest

Investing in the Highways of NYC

Robert Moses was one of the principal designers of New York City during the 20th century.  He was involved in many large scale projects including the West Side Highway, the Triborough Bridge, and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.  He helped shape the city and in the process many run down neighborhoods disappeared.  Whether that was for the good or the bad is up for debate.  Certainly the city changed in many ways under his hands.  Many parks, bridges and playgrounds are a result of his influence.

Moses saw the new New York as a major influence on the rest of the … Read the rest

Good HVAC Services

As the cold weather continues to trouble most of the country, those in warmer corners of the nation are already looking forward to summer. In some places, it’s already time to start thinking about air conditioning, Phoenix being a great example. While Phoenicians don’t expect to need their A/C immediately, many are beginning to plan to have their systems checked or replaced before the heat of Spring actually arrives. To those outside the area it may be hard to believe, but the thermometer has been known to reach above 90 degrees as early as March.

A good HVAC service company … Read the rest

Get Heart Healthy with These Heart Tips

Are you conscious of your heart health? An estimated 1 million Americans have heart attacks each and every year, causing permanent damage to the heart. It’s never too early to start thinking about your heart health, and work toward avoiding heart attacks and heart disease.

Lowering the risk factors associated with heart attacks and heart disease are certainly one way to look out for your heart. Smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, diet, and high blood sugar are often risk factors associated with heart attacks. These are all risk factors that you can control. While age, family history … Read the rest