Setting Goals

We all know how important it is to have goals.  They help us to make long-term plans and predictions, and also give us a good map of where we are, and we are going.  Even the most focused among us, however, have tendencies to forget about the basic necessity for setting goals on a regular basis.  It’s something that we learn in school, and only occasionally get refreshment at corporate training sessions, when we get reminded as a group about the importance of goals.  It’s also perfectly natural that, after learning about goals for so long, we tend to think … Read the rest

Online vs. Offline Companies

One might think that running a business online and offline will be similar, it will just differ based on how you access your customers and your information, but there is a lot more to it than that.

businessIn an online business it can be hard to build customer loyalty. You have at your fingertips email, and forums of various types, if you are lucky you also have the ability to call your clients, but not all online business have this. If you have an offline business you can see people face to face, talk with them, visit their office and … Read the rest

It’s Still Wise to Invest in Software Companies

Software companies have been good investments for years now, ever since the technological and digital revolutions of the last two decades. And while there was an Internet bubble more than a decade ago with websites and faulty tech stocks, there doesn’t necessarily appear to be one on the horizon any time soon for new tech stocks in 2013 and beyond.

softwareIn fact, countless tech companies continue to deliver solid returns through 2012, and should do so into 2013 and the future with smart management teams who have learned from the mistakes of the past, and develop future business products and … Read the rest

Motorcycles, Money and Racing

motorbikeThe motorcycle is an image of freedom and independence. How many teenagers go through that period and discover the classic movies like Born to Wild and Scorpio where Peter Fonda epitomizes the very freedom the American flag is supposed to symbolize with a helmet? The motorcycle is a part of the American consciousness, an almost Jungian collective consciousness in the United States. Romantic, the motorcycle has almost become an extension of the Byronic hero. That lone figure who fought the man and anything that made society stable, who was dark and brooding, who often had innate darkness in him driving … Read the rest

A Mortgage for your Design Studio

Applying for a mortgage loan can be stressful.  For most of us a design studio is the biggest purchase we will ever make. There is lots of paperwork to be collected and forms to fill out Then there’s the additional stress of waiting to hear if your loan has been approved.

When you submit your mortgage loan application and the associated paperwork relating to your finances it will take a period of time for the lending company to review it.  The reason for the time lag is that they are closely reviewing your financial history and making sure that everything … Read the rest