Motorcycles, Money and Racing

motorbikeThe motorcycle is an image of freedom and independence. How many teenagers go through that period and discover the classic movies like Born to Wild and Scorpio where Peter Fonda epitomizes the very freedom the American flag is supposed to symbolize with a helmet? The motorcycle is a part of the American consciousness, an almost Jungian collective consciousness in the United States. Romantic, the motorcycle has almost become an extension of the Byronic hero. That lone figure who fought the man and anything that made society stable, who was dark and brooding, who often had innate darkness in him driving him to do the things he did. Victor Frankenstein with his creature is perhaps one of the best examples, but a more modern version would perhaps come from a comic book.

Batman is a Byronic hero. He with his Batmobile, a kind of motorcycle, epitomizes that haunted loner. That was why my coworker, Simone, wanted to get a motorcycle. She didn’t just want to get a motorcycle, she wanted to get it as the symbol represented. She wanted to know all of what went into creating its mechanical gizzards, its gas and oil bodily fluids. Simone initially started with an automotive repair Manual like, but soon the information in it was not enough to satiate her need to understand how a motorcycle works. It was not just the motorcycle she wanted to understand: she hoping in figuring out the motorcycle and what went in making she would somehow start to grasp the independence it represented for so many riders before her.

A motorcycle repair manual was her subsequent purchase and it suited her. It was a while before she could afford a motor cycle. Student loans and bad credit hurt more dreams than help them. Instead, she had to be satisfied with trips to the junkyard where a man named Sam indulged her in her passion for the vehicle of independence. He taught her on old motorcycles how to change the oil, how to dissect an engine and then stitch it together using a wrench for the needle and bolts and nuts for the buttons.

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