Setting Goals

We all know how important it is to have goals.  They help us to make long-term plans and predictions, and also give us a good map of where we are, and we are going.  Even the most focused among us, however, have tendencies to forget about the basic necessity for setting goals on a regular basis.  It’s something that we learn in school, and only occasionally get refreshment at corporate training sessions, when we get reminded as a group about the importance of goals.  It’s also perfectly natural that, after learning about goals for so long, we tend to think we understand the concept.  We have ideas running through our minds all the time about our goals, our immediate goals and the bigger pictures, and use these as a kind of internal rudder through the world.

businessHowever, when these are only thoughts and ideas, and not actually set to writing, they are much more elusive than we tend to imagine.  They are subject to change from moment to moment, because it’s in our instincts to be constantly examining and evaluating a situation in front of us, whether it’s an immediate situation that needs attention, or simply life as it is.  Without formal goals that we can keep referring to, our inner sense of direction is subject to enormous shifts, and it’s very common to find ourselves pursuing things without even remembering why.

This is why refreshing our notion of how goals work is such an eye opening experience.  In leadership training, it’s something we learn so that we can pass it along to our team, but it’s also something that reminds us of how things can work more effectively.  It’s a model that works not only in the business sector, but can be enormously effective in daily living.  Setting goals for the day, the week, the month, up to the next five years, is a wonderfully simple way to move things from imagination to manifestation.  Goals give us a sense of who we are at any given moment, in relationship to where we’re going, and where we want to go.  And sometimes, it’s extremely exciting to realize that the goals have shifted, and with awareness, we can pinpoint exactly why, and this enables us to move forward with purpose.

additional research provided by Louis May, a freelance copywriter who has covered companies like Experian, and Forbes for financial sites.

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  1. Setting goals is useful in business and also in ones personal life. Getting things done is much easier and they can be done withing your time frame. Its really a life changing event when you get on track with setting goals. Things get accomplished, your less overwhelmed and life becomes easier.

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