5 Tips for Personal Finance Success

It doesn’t take much to find a “top ten” list of financial tips on the internet.  From blogs to news sites to financial magazines, everyone with an opinion has their own formula for how to be a financial success. There are some tips that seem to show up time and time again on these lists, which suggest that maybe there is some weight to them.

1. Research. Research. Research.

financial researchThere are three types of research needed when managing personal finances. First, know your current financial situation inside and out. Next, figure out where you want to be and when — … Read the rest

Is it Bribery, or Is it a Gift?

Officials in governments, and professionals in the business realms around the world, are struggling with semantics, with the exact definition of bribery.  When a gift is business related, is it always a bribe?  Or is it sometimes an innocent and honest gesture of appreciation?  One of the problems in the definition, is that the different countries and societies in the world have different norms regarding what is considered to be a bribe and quite simply, a gift.  The US Congress is struggling with the fight against corruption and corporate or political scandlawals.

The government of the United Kingdom passed … Read the rest