Most Valuable Race Teams

It should come as no surprise to race fans that the teams in Formula One are some of the wealthiest in motorsports. In fact, the top four teams in F1 have a higher net worth than the number one team in NASCAR — not that NASCAR teams are cheap. While top race drivers may draw huge salaries and endorsement deals, it is at the team level that the dollar amounts are truly staggering.

Formula One

The top 13 F1 teams are worth over 4.5 billion, with an average worth of $337 million. Most of a team’s revenue originates in broadcast fees and media sponsors as well as corporate sponsorships.

Based on 2012 figures, here are the most valuable teams in Formula One:

1 — Ferrari (Italy), $1.15 billion
2 — McLaren (United Kingdom), $800 million
3 — Red Bull (UK/Austria), $400 million
4 — Mercedes Benz (United Kingdom), $390 million
5 — Williams (United Kingdom), $290 million
6 — Lotus (United Kingdom), $270 million
7 — Force India (India), $225 million
8 — Sauber (Switzerland), $155 million
9 — Torro Rosso (Italy), $135 million


Over in America, the top dog in auto racing is NASCAR and the top nine teams there are worth a combined $1.28 billion dollars. As with F1, these teams rely on sponsorships and television rights for the bulk of their income.

Here are the NASCAR teams with the highest net worth:
1 — Hendrick Motorsports, $357 million
2 — Joe Gibbs Racing, $168 million
3 — Roush Fenway Racing, $166 million
4 — Richard Childress Racing, $139 million
5 — Stewart-Haas Racing, $123 million
6 — Penske Racing, $105 million
7 — Michael Waltrip Racing, $100 million
8 — Earnhardt Ganassi Racing, $72 million
9 — Richard Petty Motorsports, $50 million

contributed by John Aames, a blogger who covers auto racing, motocross and individual drivers like Matt Webber and Tony Stewart.

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