Deciding on a Career Path Today

As the world becomes more populated and technological developments make it seem smaller, we are all brought together on a new level of consciousness as well as social structures. In addition, the amount of competition that exists in various fields continues to increase at great rates and shows no signs of slowing down. This can be a daunting outlook for young people as they struggle with the normal issues of personal development and early education needs. What it also means is that the competition is beginning at much earlier ages, and certain fields demand excellence and signs of high potential at early ages.

In addition, various fields are growing in career opportunities, while some are decreasing an many are on the verge of extinction. One of the safest bets for the future is a career in medicine. Others include various additional science oriented paths, such as mathematics and engineering. Both of these are quite demanding, though they are also very broad in scope and potential. One thing is certain, and this is the fact that technology has changed our world greatly in the last twenty years and it seems as though the next twenty will make the previous pale in comparison. This can be confusing for all of us struggling to keep up, not to mention those youngsters and adolescents who are trying to decide on a career path, never minding what they’ll face as they navigate through their future. And if you or your child are/is thinking of pursing one of these fields, there are some great resources and early development tools, to help you along the way. Engineering games are available as software and online and they go a great way to develop strong skills, comprehension, and even family bonding when played at home.

Providing yourself, or your children with every available resource is essential in today’s competitive workforce. In fact, this is true now more so than ever before, and in addition to choosing the right career for your personal interest and satisfaction, you must also plan for the life expectancy of such profession and field. This is not exactly a new development, though the amount of change that exists now is a world away from what it was even a generation ago. Historically, the chances that your chosen profession would become extinct during one’s career was almost non-existent. Today, however, it’s just as important to determine the life expectancy of a particular field or specialty will remain with you through life, is a questionable prospect. And the youth today has much more to consider than we ever do in deciding on a profession. One thing is certain, those math puzzles and developing early study habits will come in handy, regardless of career choice.

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4 thoughts on “Deciding on a Career Path Today”

  1. Some very valid points about the fluidity of career opportunities. As change continues to accelerate, students of all ages need to be aware of the importance of learning how to learn and understanding the underlying principles of how the world works. It’s no longer enough to study for a real estate license or train as a mechanic. Even mastering certain software programs is only going to be relevant until the next generation of computing takes off.

    Keeping abreast of changing tides and learning how to accumulate knowledge and skills is the safest bet for a long and successful career.

  2. Yes, a career in computers is probably good… except.. like Mr Dan said, computers and software are constantly changing. So by the time you are done learning a software and mastering it, the next big one will come out. Our world is just changing and advancing so fast!

  3. Deciding on a career path is of course one of the hardest things to do! You need to just do what you love I think. This article was really helpful 🙂

  4. A career in medicine is probably really safe. I don’t think doctors will be replaced by computers or robots anytime soon :). lol

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