Top Performing Stocks of 2013

There are any number of end-of-the-year lists discussing the 2013 stock market.  Stocks from different sectors in Standard and Poor’s 500 index have performed their level best as the market rises up. Below are some of the top performing stocks from 2013:

Tenet Healthcare – THC (NYSE)

This stock is classified in the hospital sector and posted returns from March of +46%.

The company operates hospitals in different areas of theUnited States. They have been experiencing increased market share because there is a high demand for healthcare services that is expected to continue to grow.

Dell, Inc.

It is classified in the personal computer sector and is the 3rd largest seller of PCs in the world as well as the top shipper of PC monitors.

In 2013 Dell’s stocks posted returns as high as 42% while trading publicly (DELL on NASDAQ). However, the company completed a leveraged buyout in October which made it a privately-held corporation.

Safeway – SWY (NYSE)

This stock is classified in the grocery store sector. They are known for offering food at reduced costs which can lead to a decrease in stock profitability. However, in 2013 Safeway increased its market share and had early stock returns of 45%.  This led to increased interest from investors.

Marathon Petroleum – MPC (NYSE)

MPC is a crude-oil refining company based in the US. It also handles pipeline transport.

Thanks to falling production costs in 2013, the company’s stock enjoyed a surge at the start of last year, yielding 44% stock returns.

Micron Technology – MU (NASDAQ)

Micron is an Idaho company that produces a variety of semiconducter devices, such as computer memory.  It is classified in the memory chips sector.

With chips designed for not just computers, but smart phones and even smart cars, Micron saw gains in 2013 of as much as 56%. This has made it especially attractive to corporate investors as well as individuals.

Hewlett-Packard – HPQ (NYSE)

HP is one of the top IT companies in the world and leads all others in the production and sale of personal computers.  This is way it is grouped in the computers system sector.

While HP’s stock has been up and down in recent years, in early 2013 it posted returns of 65%, making it a top performer.

H & R Block – HRB (NYSE)

This Kansas City company is classified in the tax return services sector.

Early returns in 2013 for this stock were 55% as the company enjoys the tax season boost in sales of its various products.

Best Buy Company, Inc. – BBY (NYSE)

Best Buy is at the top of the consumer electronics retailing sector.

Fueled by rumors that company founder Richard Schulze was looking to take the company private, returns on the stock hit 90% in early 2013.


guest post provided by Mark Kinnear, a financial blogger with an interest in the stock market, investing, and retirement planning.  His articles can be found in numerous financial newsletters and magazines.

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