Americans Borrowing More Money

On February 18, 2014, CNN Money reported that Americans are borrowing more money and using their plastic at levels not encountered since before the Great Recession in 2008. In the last quarter of 2014, overall household debt rose across the country to a staggering $241 billion dollars. Many consumers are wondering the cause of this jump, and if it shows signs that the economy is on its way to a full recovery. Read on for a look at why many Americans are borrowing more money and what this means for the country’s future.

First Increase in Debt Since 2008

The … Read the rest

Benefits of Lotteries to State Governments

To some people, state lotteries represent a number of social and economic negatives. Many also criticize the lottery for its virtually impossible odds.  The truth is that the lottery is an effective and time-tested means of revenue generation, especially for state governments.

People as far back as first-century Rome understood the benefit of raising funds for civic and government projects via lottery. The same principles are regularly implemented by state governments today and lottery proceeds often make it possible for various projects to move forward where lack of funding would otherwise leave them at a halt. Different states allocate funds … Read the rest

What the Target Hack Means for Consumers

You will be hard-pressed to find an American that is not concerned about the news that Target’s customer payment systems were hacked and thousands of consumers’ credit cards and financial information were compromised. While everyone seems to know about the hack, not many people truly understand what caused it. We have the details for you. Read on for a look at what caused the Target hack and how consumers can protect themselves.

The Origins of the Hack

The credit and debit card breach that occurred in Target, Neiman Marcus and other retailers affected over 70 million consumers and analysts believe … Read the rest