Motorcycles, Money and Racing

motorbikeThe motorcycle is an image of freedom and independence. How many teenagers go through that period and discover the classic movies like Born to Wild and Scorpio where Peter Fonda epitomizes the very freedom the American flag is supposed to symbolize with a helmet? The motorcycle is a part of the American consciousness, an almost Jungian collective consciousness in the United States. Romantic, the motorcycle has almost become an extension of the Byronic hero. That lone figure who fought the man and anything that made society stable, who was dark and brooding, who often had innate darkness in him driving … Read the rest

Investing in Automotive Companies

As our economy goes up and down, the automobile has remained a stable part of American life. Our society depends upon cars and trucks to transport ourselves and necessary goods from one place to another, and it seems very unlikely to change.

So while automotive companies may be a good investment bet overall, the question becomes which automotive company is a good one to invest in? Some makes go out of style or fall behind their competitor, some change too quickly with the trends and fail to attract new customers. And some thrive in the competitive global market. What is … Read the rest

Tire Pricing

It is easy to get confused when looking at tire prices. This is because in most cases shoppers are comparing different things, sometimes without realizing it. Buying four new tires and separate chrome wheels is not the same as purchasing a tire and wheel package from a different manufacturer.

Of all the elements that go into the pricing of tires, construction is the most important. Don’t compare the price of dual belted steel radials with tires that have a single belt. Cheaper tires will have a less durable construction while tires designed to offer high performance will be more expensive. … Read the rest

Common Engine Troubles for an Early 90s Jeep Comanche

Before you buy a vehicle you should take a few notes on what are some of the common problems with that type of vehicle. In this case I am looking at am early 90’s Jeep Comanche and the problems associated with a large engine. The first thing you need to know is that older Comanches such as one from 1990 to not have a check engine light. This means that the other problems I describe may have to be diagnosed by their symptoms instead of being given a heads up. The valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket and timing cover … Read the rest