Benefits of Lotteries to State Governments

To some people, state lotteries represent a number of social and economic negatives. Many also criticize the lottery for its virtually impossible odds.  The truth is that the lottery is an effective and time-tested means of revenue generation, especially for state governments.

People as far back as first-century Rome understood the benefit of raising funds for civic and government projects via lottery. The same principles are regularly implemented by state governments today and lottery proceeds often make it possible for various projects to move forward where lack of funding would otherwise leave them at a halt. Different states allocate funds … Read the rest

Is it Bribery, or Is it a Gift?

Officials in governments, and professionals in the business realms around the world, are struggling with semantics, with the exact definition of bribery.  When a gift is business related, is it always a bribe?  Or is it sometimes an innocent and honest gesture of appreciation?  One of the problems in the definition, is that the different countries and societies in the world have different norms regarding what is considered to be a bribe and quite simply, a gift.  The US Congress is struggling with the fight against corruption and corporate or political scandlawals.

The government of the United Kingdom passed … Read the rest

Chinese Banks on the Rise, Or Are They?

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China is known as one of the world’s greatest financial powers. They stand out as one of the few countries not struggling through this global recession, or are they? In an article on there is some speculation over whether the country is doing as well financially as they would like the rest of the world to believe. The Big Four banks in China have continued to seek out new sources of capital, even after a lending boom in 2009-2010. One of the biggest concerns that analysts have is that the government is one of the … Read the rest