Changing Job Market and Careers in Graphic Design

While the job market continues to be unstable, it can also be somewhat troubling for college students, and those about to enter college, to know that career fields are constantly changing. There are different elements that go into choosing your career and one of them is personal interest and areas of talent. Meanwhile, another very important and practical aspect of career choice relates to job placement possibilities as well as long term stability in the field.

Graphic design is one of a few fields that has always attracted many talented people. It has also drawn the interest of creative minded … Read the rest

Chinese Banks on the Rise, Or Are They?

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China is known as one of the world’s greatest financial powers. They stand out as one of the few countries not struggling through this global recession, or are they? In an article on there is some speculation over whether the country is doing as well financially as they would like the rest of the world to believe. The Big Four banks in China have continued to seek out new sources of capital, even after a lending boom in 2009-2010. One of the biggest concerns that analysts have is that the government is one of the … Read the rest