Most Valuable Race Teams

It should come as no surprise to race fans that the teams in Formula One are some of the wealthiest in motorsports. In fact, the top four teams in F1 have a higher net worth than the number one team in NASCAR — not that NASCAR teams are cheap. While top race drivers may draw huge salaries and endorsement deals, it is at the team level that the dollar amounts are truly staggering.

Formula One

The top 13 F1 teams are worth over 4.5 billion, with an average worth of $337 million. Most of a team’s revenue originates in broadcast … Read the rest

Investments in Sports Teams

Sports fans sometimes dream of owning their favorite team and all the changes and improvements they’d make to turn their team into champions.  While they probably will never have the fortunes necessary to buy a major league sports team, there are other ways that they can invest in sports teams for both profit and bragging rights.

Invest in Publicly Traded Teams

sports KansasPerhaps the easiest way to invest in a major league team is to buy shares.  There are a handful of publicly traded teams, including the New York Knicks and the New York Rangers.  The Green Bay Packers aren’t traded … Read the rest

Making Money in the Race

There are a lot of ways to make money—most people use at least one or two, from their day job to their retirement account, but there is another way to get your capital working for you while still supporting your passion: investing in racing.  There are a lot of ways to do it, and it can be a risky venture, but the payoffs are impressive and the knowledge of supporting your own cause is worth its weight in gold.

red race carSimply put, racing is expensive, and investing in it requires a lot of capital.  However, there is a way that people … Read the rest