Financial implications of Drug Rehab

Cost of treatmentGiven the current epidemic of opioid addiction the demand for effective treatment for all kinds of addiction continues to grow and so to does the cost. Some health insurance will cover the cost of 30 day treatment which is all very well if you have health insurance and are currently employed. However, many people taken down by their addiction and at their bottom rarely have a job or health insurance.  So how  does one fund expensive Drug Rehab.  There may be a chance depending on which state you live in to avail of public health services detox and treatment but … Read the rest

Formula 1 – German Prosecutors near decision on Bribery

While there is not any foul play going on in the Formula 1 world today—that the public knows of—a year ago it was a different story.  In June a German banking executive admitted to accepting around $44 million from Brian Ecclestone which centered around the 2005 sale of the racing franchise.

The story is, itself, somewhat interesting.  Ecclestone sold a majority of his stake of F1, which was valued around $3 billion, for an undisclosed sum.  Said German executive, Gerhard Gibkowsky, accepted the bribe to move the F1 share for below market value.  Ecclestone testified that he paid the $44 … Read the rest